With a proud legacy full of achievements, we have brought to life hundreds of experiences across recreational industries, from sports and culture, entertainment and hospitality, to exhibitions and more. From concept to reality, we offer world-class experience development and event production & management services to take your brand to the next level and connect you to your audience. Our team of experts provides a comprehensive range of services, from master planning and engineering to audio, video, and visualization; research and patenting; and creating & monetizing your IP.


Experience Development

From concept and master planning to visualization, production, engineering, to audio, video, and more. We will work hand-in-hand with you to develop your own IP, from creation to marketing, including researching, patenting, licensing, and other activities to protect and monetize your asset.

Event Management

We can take your brand to the next level with a world-class event that connects  you to your audience, and to the world. We create, develop, and implement all types of designed events, ceremonies, and festivals, from corporate and public, to entertainment and music, to culture and sports events.

Media Production

We create artistic and theatrical performances hosting the world’s greatest entertainers. We develop, produce, distribute films locally and internationally while overseeing the entire filmmaking process. We also offer audio and video production studios co-working spaces to artists to develop, create, and complete their projects, and  manage the business creative aspects of an artist’s professional career.

Sports Programs

As our specialty and core business, we specialize in providing comprehensive football and sports programs locally and internationally, from the grassroots to the elite level. We organize, facilitate, and host a wide range of sports tournaments, leagues, and events for all age groups.




As experts in the creation of meaningful destinations, we pride ourselves in delivering a portfolio of exceptional destinations. We are honorably participating in shaping a vibrant future, as we offer a suite of services that bring your vision to life. Our experienced construction and fit-out teams handle everything from general to specialized constructions. We provide leasing lifecycle support, with negotiators, contract drafters, accountants and collectors to take care of every step. Additionally, our facility management team ensure your facility is safe, clean and secure.


Destination Development

We develop the right strategies for your facility for optimal revenue growth. Our expert construction and fit-out teams bring your vision to reality. From general to specialized construction, such as parks, hotels, resorts, marine, and airfields.

Destination Management

With an expert team of strategists, negotiators, contract drafters, accountants, and collectors, we take care of every step of the leasing lifecycle. We also make sure your facility is clean, safe, and secured as we provide security, crowd management, and cleaning services.




Our solutions complete the 360 circle of experience excellence, we professionally provide quality solutions across different areas that lead to a smooth and hassle-free operations and management experience. We are the go-to for all your experience needs, providing cutting-edge solutions that handle all aspects of operations and management to make your experience unforgettable. Our services include identifying sponsors, setting up exclusive media channels, creating retail and culinary masterplans, breath-taking light shows, and implementing access control and security. We will ensure the success of your experience.


Ticketing, Security, and Access Control

We create an efficient and simple new technology approach for access control and ticketing systems including accreditations, e-parking and e-gates with control systems. We also provide human tracking solutions, real-time dashboards, and CRM solutions. In addition, we offer payment solutions to ensure the availability of touch screens, payment terminals, cashless payment solutions, and other hardware and software solutions.


From identifying sponsorship partners and packages to performance monitoring and reporting, Sela will handle all of your sponsorship needs. We identify commercial assets and manage properties’ inventories to tailor sponsorship packages based on clients' objectives and goals.

Retail, F&B, and Fashion

We create retail and culinary masterplans for event locations and permanent infrastructure developments, including all pre and post operations planning and on the ground management. We deliver a selection of experiences that intelligently connect brands and concepts. We work with partners to build new retail and food outlets and experiences that can help their businesses grow.

Activation and Media

We contribute to achieving the client's goals by presenting interactive and promotional ideas and execute approved activation plans on behalf of clients. We also offer unique and exclusive media channels to clients to achieve their exposure goals, through implementing creative buying, placement, and execution strategies.

Light Shows

We offer revolutionary ways to expose your brand that will mesmerize your audience. We bring the latest technology to your outdoor events around the world. With a proven track of success, our team of skilled technicians and talented storytellers are able to design, plan, and execute breathtaking light shows including 3D mapping, hologram projections, drone shows, and fireworks.


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