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Sela and SAL signed MoU to explore opportunities in the development of the Malham logistics zone


The agreement was signed by Mr. Osama Garguri, Vice President of Business Development and Investment at Sela, and Eng. Thunayan Althunayan, Chief Logistics Solutions Officer at SAL, in the presence of a number of officials from both sides. Mr. Osama expressed the happiness of Sela, a leader in the development of exceptional destinations and events in a variety of areas that concern quality of life, by signing this agreement with SAL, a leader in providing integrated logistics services, to work together to develop logistical zones in the project.

He said, "In line with the ambitious vision of the Kingdom, we seek through this partnership to maximize economic value and enhance the size of targeted activities in a step towards achieving the self-integration of the project." Eng. Thunayan Althunayan said that the signing of this agreement aims to support and develop logistical zones, which are considered one of the most important sectors and services in the transportation system in the Kingdom, which has a distinguished strategic location on global trade lines, by benefiting from SAL's experience, capabilities and innovative logistics solutions.

Althunayan stressed SAL's constant commitment to entering into such meaningful and fruitful agreements with many government entities and leading international and local companies in order to serve the national targets in the logistics sector, and to provide the best integrated logistics services, in order to develop the sector so that the Kingdom becomes a leading global logistics center that connects the continents of the world, and to enhance the role of this vital and important sector in line with the targets of Vision 2030.

Sela was founded in 1997, and its business has grown over the years to become a leading and specialized company in providing events, experiences, and development of various destinations in the sectors of sports, entertainment, culture, hospitality, and more. SAL is the national leader in providing ground handling services for air cargo and logistics solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where SAL provides integrated and specialized logistics services to its customers. SAL also handles 95% of the volume of air cargo at the Kingdom's airports in addition to providing sea, air and land cargo services, making it the leading company in the field of logistics services inside the Kingdom, and a major driver in the development of this sector according to Vision 2030.


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