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Sela and Fashion Commission signs MoU


The Fashion Commission held its first-ever Strategy Roadshow this week at the City Hub in Mohammed Bin Salman Nonprofit City, Riyadh.With more than 200 people attending, it attracted both public and private sector interest. Delegates from Deputies to CEOs and Chairpersons joined to learn more about the Commission’s ambitious plans to springboard local fashion talent and form unique partnerships with local and international brands and educational institutes to further develop the sector.

In which, the Saudi Fashion Commission and Sela Company Signed a memorandum of understanding to support local designers through the Saudi 100 Brands program, providing retail spaces during the high season of Ramadan, and the opportunity to participate in other key events.

The Commission aims to support the fashion community every step of the way. This starts with the design process, through production, development, and product lifecycle management. The strategy focuses on seven key strategic pillars based on the value chain of the fashion sector


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