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The power of content is not to be underestimated when planning and executing events and event marketing.

As content specialists, we can help you develop an idea or concept into something tangible. We are here to assist across the board, from ideation through to creation, development, and production. Whether it be set design, video production, or concept development, we are here to help you along every step of the way.

Bringing concepts to life.


A great show begins with an impressive idea, and Sela has a dedicated team in charge of captivating content creation and development. Our team steers the entire creative process to generate the right media and entertainment content for you, from inception to production.


Our team has years of content creation experience, and as such, Sela ensures that the creativity involved on the page is premium and true to your brand. Our services include scriptwriting, casting talent, and designing visuals.


Our team continues to develop and tweak scripts and ideas until they meet your expectations, which is why we guarantee quality, effort and authenticity in every piece of work. We believe through the process of drafting and rewriting, ideas are always enhanced, and you can rest assured we’re setting the bar high for every piece of content you wish to put out.


Once an idea is developed, Sela handles the production aspect that brings the content to life. From set design to logistics, we ensure that the desired content is produced efficiently. We manage all the talent and elements required from pre-production to post-production, so the final films and visuals are delivered to meet your standards.

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