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The foundations of any successful event lie in successful operations.

Our expertise will ensure a smooth and successful event right from the outset with our ticketing services, traffic & transport operations, and security services. You can rest easy knowing that all bases are covered to guarantee the greatest experience for event visitors, whilst our team works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure everything goes off without a hitch.

A lot goes on behind the scenes.

Health and Safety & Security

We have successfully delivered decades of venue and event safety services to global sporting event organisers such as UEFA and the International Olympic Committee, global corporations such as Red Bull and Shell, as well as entertainment events like Notting Hill Carnival and MDL Beast. We help improve knowledge and raise standards whilst ensuring safer working conditions for all staff and stakeholders.

Our health and safety measures include covering construction phase plans, vetting suppliers and contractors, completing risk assessments, calculating evacuation and capacity for venues, organizing fire safety equipment, and more.*

*During COVID-19, we have implemented new management measures and screening systems to ensure events can take place safely during these times.


SELA operates our own ticketing platform, TicketMX, which offers 360 ticketing solutions. We've been an official sales point for major entertainment events in the region, like the immensely successful Riyadh Seasons.

SELA also operates Saudi Tickets, which is a popular platform for sports fans to secure seats to their favorite matches.

Technical Services

We have experience in delivering large scale events, like the King Abdul Aziz Camel Festival and Riyadh Season 2019. Our extensive range of services complement and support the technical delivery of your event, whatever the scale may be.

You can expect master schedule planning, CAD design, rentals services that include tents over 5,000 m2, along with waste/water management and pest control.

We understand every event needs its own tailored solutions, so reach out to us to ensure those technical needs are met.

Traffic & Transport Ops

Equipped with years of experience and specialized knowledge, the Sela Transport Team are able to provide turnkey solutions for all types of cultural, sports and entertainment events. Taking a 360 approach, we can plan and provide for all logistical needs. Notable flagship events we have seamlessly managed transportation for have included Riyadh Season, Spanish and Italian Supercopa and the WWE.

Our team organizes road closures and diversions, access control, car park solutions, valet and shuttle services, training for specific management and staff, parking permits, and more. Our services also extend to stakeholder management and post event reviews.


To date, the Sela Accreditation Team has accredited over 100,000 people across numerous events. Our integrated software solutions have elevated our means of gathering and managing information for all staff members to guarantee the utmost professionalism and efficiency at every event. Our standards are maintained across the board, from vetting the right staff for you to procuring card stock and lanyards of the highest quality.

We strive to acquire the latest technology and accessories that facilitate our staffing services, like having the most advanced printers in the world that can print a credential pass within 1.5 seconds. You can rest assured that managing large volume accreditations and staff databases is easy and reliable with us.

Radio & Communication

At Sela, we have access to the most sophisticated radio providers in the world as our partners. We are proud to offer exclusive communication services like TETRA for multiple sites, intercom systems (wireless included), Omdai system setup, integrated video solutions for spectators and convenient radio communication for referees when it comes to sporting events.

CCTV & Surveillance

Sela offer all-encompassing CCTV solutions for construction sites and events. We own all of our CCTV cameras and equipment, and also provide support and technical service 24/7.

Our cutting-edge technology includes static bullet cameras, PTZ cameras, thermal imaging, face recognition technology for security purposes, control room solutions, and more. We also conduct movement studies based on each venue, along with headcounts at every entry and exit for crowd management.

Equipment Rental

We pride ourselves on maintaining a large stock of event equipment for rent individually or as part of a bulk solution. You can rent crowd barriers, fencing, metal detector gates and wands to ensure the security of your attendees. We also provide traffic barriers, golf carts for on-site transportation solutions, and even furniture that fits your event’s requirement.

Contact us for more details on individual or large-scale rentals for your next event.

Recruitment & Staffing

After managing the recruitment of over 8,000 event staff, both local and international, our Sela Recruitment Team have developed an efficient internal staffing and recruitment service offering.

You can expect appropriate and speedy recruitment for mass job vacancies, specialised hiring according to skillset requirements, local training for foreign staff, candidate tracking platforms, and also have your day-to-day management covered when it comes to payroll, timekeeping and attendance.

COVID Application

Across our combination of services, we have implemented safe and reliable service updates to confidently continue event operations during Covid-19.

These include thermal cameras for temperature checks, regular screenings for management and construction staff at every venue, an integrated and sanitized central control room, PPE provisions, Covid-19 training workshops, regular capacity checks to ensure social distancing requirements are met, and constantly updating our risk and safety assessments in every workplace.

Feel free to reach out to us for specific enquiries about the measures we are taking to carry out events safely during this time.


We understand the importance of organization and comfort for attendees. Hospitality sits at the heart of a number of our wider services, whether it is local or international, we arrange receptions and hotel services for all events.

Venue Operations

Venue operations are arguably the most important aspect of any project or event as they often determine the success of the entire operation. Above all, attendee safety and wellbeing is always our top priority, which is why we enforce the highest standard of health & safety operations, crowd control and security at our events.

Guest Services

Our guest services staff are some of the best in the business, making your guests feel welcomed and informed every step of the way. We strategically map out the best guest journey for you, so your attendees always have a positive experience. We source the right talent from all over the world, and our tailored training programmes ensure unmatched quality and skill when it comes to our guest service staff.

We arrange for hostesses and welcome staff for high-end clients, VIP services like experience management and exclusive catering, queue management and information services, and IP staff for ride and experience operators. The final impression of any event relies on the right guest services team, so reach out to us and we’ll arrange the best one for you.

Fleet Services

Part of our Traffic and Transport Operations, but available as a stand-alone service, our fleet services can be booked according to your requirements. Tailored solutions are available for everything from airport collection to vehicle programs for large-scale conferences, exhibitions and entertainment events.

You can also secure VIP chauffeur services, artist liaison movements, route planning, vehicle tracking, and even cruise line on-land operations planning. Get in touch with our team to see how you can book our fleet services for your transportation plans.

Consultancy & Auditing

We are proud to be market leaders in our field, which is why we have invested in quality employees. We have built a network of people, both local and international, who are experts in their fields and have been involved in the delivery of some of the largest events across the world. We are therefore available to provide guidance and consultancy packages for any area of the event lifecycle, as an independent auditor or as part of the management team.

Storage & Warehousing

Sela have more than 10,000 m2 of dedicated storage available between Riyadh and Jeddah, as well as a fully dedicated warehouse management team and a fully incorporated software management system for all equipment.

We can assist you with maintenance and servicing of equipment whilst in our warehouse, unlimited access, transport solutions and customized storage for items that require special conditions to prevent deterioration. Our warehouses are flexible and available for a diverse range of storage services, so reach out to a member of our team for your personalized solution.


Sela can provide assistance with a variety of insurance support services, like brokering event liability, loss or damage of property, and IT insurances. We also facilitate region-specific insurance that applies to Saudi Arabia along with procurement of re-insurance providers.

Freight & Courier

Sela offers one-stop services and solutions which encompass all of your Freight & Courier requirements, from international freight forwarding by air and by sea, through to event infrastructure and document handling. Sela will ensure prompt and secure delivery of your equipment to event locations, offices or venues both locally and globally.

Asset Management

Our team are here to assist you with the handling of all tangible and intangible assets. Offering warehouses across multiple cities for the safe storage and handling of physical assets and machinery, as well as the expertise required to handle intellectual property, goodwill and financial assets.

Ground Logistics & Labor

Getting your equipment and machinery to the event location is only half of the challenge, from here our ground logistics experts can assist with the assembly & construction environments as well as the loading & unloading of machinery, assets, equipment and more. Sela are here to assist you on ground to ensure your event is executed to perfection.

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