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Ensuring you connect with your audience to drive successful events.

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Sela understand the importance of targeted and effective marketing and communications supporting any successful event.

Our marketing solutions fall into 6 primary pillars, ranging from Digital Marketing to Merchandise and Activations. We understand the need for a fully integrated marketing strategy when planning a successful event and are here to help you along the way.

Having worked with some of the largest companies both regionally and globally, you can rest assured in your choice to use Sela for your marketing solutions.

Event Marketing Pillars

Fan Engagement

You want to connect with the fans. We take care to ensure all the right activations and social media platforms are involved to keep our events the most talked-about amongst fans for memorable and lasting experiences.


We take events beyond the ticketed experience by working with sponsors, IP owners and partners to create on-ground experiences in many different forms. You can visit our exciting booths and activations tailored to each venue, always taking entertainment to a whole new level.

Digital Marketing

Marketing at its core is all about connecting with your audience in the right place and at the right time. In today’s climate, this means meeting them where they are already spending a significant amount of their time: online.

Content Creation

Every event has a crucial window, before and after its start date, where media plays an important role. Whether it's getting content to your target audiences or securing the best highlight footage for your socials, we offer solutions for all.

Merchandise & Uniform

We can assist with the design, procurement and manufacturing of bespoke event merchandise and staff uniform, no matter what quantity is needed. Our team can also arrange high-visibility vests and event-specific attire that suits your bespoke theme.

Venue Broadcasting

From the right video platforms to organizing hosts for events, we offer comprehensive venue broadcasting services. Sela has you covered for everything from technical infrastructure to translations and broadcasting co-ordination.


Experienced and Google certified - we are able to handle all of your online digital marketing.


Dedicated team for content creation - images, videos, text, motion graphics and more.


Highly qualified Planning & Strategy team for event marketing and PR campaigns.

Media Buying

In-house media buying unit to support every aspect of marketing and ensure you the greatest possible ROI.

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